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Peel Ply

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Toray Textiles Europe Limited peel ply fabric range include both nylon and polyester fabrics and are designed for use in the manufacture of composites and glass reinforced plastic materials (GRP). Our fabrics all have good thermal stability enabling them to be used for both wet lay-up and baking methods of manufacture.

Key Performance Characteristics

Performance Characteristics When a composite surface has been cured with a peel ply layer, a distinctive textile weave pattern will result. Our peel ply fabric can be selected to give a fine, medium or rough surface impression, depending on the next process in manufacture.

Our rough texture peel ply has proven to be an excellent surface for applications where a non-slip feature is desirable.

Peel Ply Lines All our peel ply fabrics contain coloured fibres to aid alignment during manufacture.

We are able to supply our peel ply fabrics cut down to customised widths to ensure the most efficient use of fabric and to minimise wastage.

To find out more about our high tenacity fabric range contact our sales team on the details below:

World Wide

World Wide

Name: Charles Sharples
Mobile: +44 7778 604946
Telephone: +44 1623 415094

Name: Robert Brealey
Mobile: +44 7850 504645
Telephone: +44 1623 415140