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Thermguard™ Molten Repel

Molten Repel Products

Key Performance Characteristics

Molten Repel Characteristics ThermGuard™ Molten Repel is a unique material offering enhanced protection against large and small molten metal splashes. This innovation combines the non-stick properties of Teflon® with the comfort and thermal protection of meta-aramids.

Ideally, a worker's protective clothing should repel or resist any heat source. ThermGuard™ Molten Repel provides exceptional levels of resistance even when splashes occur repeatedly in the same area.

Molten Repel End Uses Molten metal splashes can stick to the surface of a protective garment and conduct heat through the fabric which can lead to serious burn injuries and/or ignition of the garment.

ThermGuard™ Molten Repel is intended to be used in areas where there is continuous exposure to splashes and sparks, providing excellent resistance to molten iron, aluminium, cryolite, copper, magnesium and other molten metals.

To find out more about ThermGuard™ Molten Repel contact a member of our sales team on the details below:

Benelux & Germany

Benelux & Germany:

Name: Chris Else
Mobile: +44 7899 662342
Telephone: +44 1623 415092

Italy, France & Spain

Italy, France & Spain

Name: Nick Leventis
Mobile: +44 7721 397714
Telephone: +44 1623 415114

All Other Countries

All Other Countries:

Name: Charles Sharples
Mobile: +44 7778 604946
Telephone: +44 1623 415094

Name: Robert Brealey
Mobile: +44 7850 504645
Telephone: +44 1623 415140

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