ThermGuard™ ISO 13506 Flame Manikin Test.
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ThermGuard™ High Visibility Specification.

ThermGuard™ High Visibility is a revolution in protection against the effects of heat and flames. It combines the comfort and thermal protection of meta-aramid yarn with the dyeability of FR polyester. Providing protection against hazards including heat, flames, static electricity, electrical arc, liquid chemicals and foul weather.


Garments manufactured in ThermGuard™ High Visibility conform to the following performance standards:

  • ISO 11612 Clothing to protect against heat and flame
  • ISO 11611 Protective clothing for use in welding and allied processes
  • ISO 20471 & GO/RT 3279 High Visibility
  • EN 61482-1-1 ATPV Electric Arc Protection >8/Cal/cm²
  • EN 61482-1-2 Electric Arc Protection. Class 1 ('Box' Method)
  • EN 13034 Protective Clothing against Liquid Chemicals (Type 6)
  • EN 15614 Protective Clothing For Wildland Firefighting

Protection and Visibility. This innovative textile is available in EN471 high visibility fluorescent shades as well as corporate and standard colours. ThermGuard™ High Visibility ensures that wearers are conspicuous while protected making it particularly suitable for protective clothing used in the railway, utility, chemical and metal industries.

Key Characteristics.

RALPH Manikin Test. ThermGuard™ High Visibilty has been tested using the 2006 version of the "male" heat sensing manikin known as RALPH. This was developed at BTTG Fire Technology Services to comply with ISO 13506. The results below are expressed according to clause 9.5.3 of ISO 13506 which calculates the percentage burn injury. The test was conducted with 100% of the manikin being covered by the garments under test.

Test Evaluation. ThermGuard™ High Visibilty was tested in conjuction with a long sleeved vest and long johns, with a 4 second flame exposure time. The outer surface of the 2-layer coverall fabric had vapourised leaving a residue of small beads of material but the underlying substrate fabric was intact and flexible.

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